High up on the 14th floor of the Alon BSR Towers in Tel Aviv, the offices of Amenity Analytics are divided into open spaces separated by glass partitions or iron nets. Excluding the conference room, meeting room and video conference booths, the entire office’s design – stretching half a floor – is completely wall-free and overlooks the Ayalon Highway and the urban view of the city. Natural light from three different directions permeates the space and offers a view even from the cafeteria.

The ceilings are mostly exposed, allowing a glimpse into the upper systems from which curved acoustic panels dangle, aiding in creating peace within the open work environment.

The company deals with data processing and transforms it into business insight, this is expressed by graphic elements from its content world which were put on the glass partitions, columns and inner envelope walls. The concrete floor defines the transitional spaces, and on either side is a fishbone wooden floor, warming the atmosphere when joined with richly colorful furniture and vegetation.

Planning and design: Hagai Nagar Architecture
Lead designer: Katie Wolf
Location: Alon BSR Towers | Tel Aviv
Wall styling: HUBE
Photography: Yoav Peled

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Our firm was established in 2000 and specializes in planning and designing offices and workspaces for companies and organizations. We provide a service from start to finish, including the planning, designing, and project managing until its conclusion. Architect Hagai Nagar, who founded the firm, has a B.Arch degree from the Tel Aviv University School of Architecture since 1999. He combines engineering-planning skills with an artistic one as both an architect and a designer.

The various projects we have led over the years were inspired by ideas and original designs developed in our firm, while connecting to what is happening in the global world of architecture and design. Our portfolio includes a long line of projects that have both a design as well as a functional view linking them together, while still looking to surprise, excite and innovate. Our professional approach combines creative design with technical excellence in engineering, while deeply familiarizing ourselves with a variety of materials and technologies. We love seeing it all take place, and lead projects to success while delving into various aspects such as ergonomics, lighting, acoustics, branding, etc.