Hagai Nagar Architects: office and workplace design

Our firm specializes in workplace and office planning and design for companies, institutions and organizations.
Our design services are tailored to workplaces, concept stores, showrooms, service centers, etc. We would be glad to be at your service.

Specializing in office design

We specialize in office and workplace design. Our firm is highly experienced in this field, serves some of the most of famous and market-leading companies and organizations, and is characterized by quick and punctual service.

Close guidance throughout the project

We guide you throughout the project from the concept-forming stage to the completion of the construction works. We guarantee professional design, making deadlines and full availability.

Professional architectural design

Functional design based on familiarity with all the practical needs of the workplace, including optimum division of the premises, lighting, ergonomics, acoustics and viable design with emphasis on worker comfort.

Interior design and space branding

We put emphasis on forming a unique design concept according to the values of the organization, choice of materials and colors, design down to the smallest details and emphasis on user experience.

עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכליםעיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים
חגי נגר אדריכלים | עיצוב ותכנון משרדים


עיצוב משרדים | חגי נגר אדריכלים

Office Design in the Modern World

The concept of modern architecture regarding office design has undergone many upheavals in recent years. Until a decade ago, the design of an office maintained simple lines: basic furniture, a reception desk, several computer stations, shelves or cabinets for storing office material, an ordinary waiting area, and the like. With the conceptual change, company leaders and designers began to identify our firm as part of their corporate culture and as a result it became a representative tool used for branding, increasing the company’s customer base and even employing good, professional and worthy employees.

Modern Office Design = Design Which Make a Statement

Behind a modern office – a clear statement certainly stands. The world of office design is strongly influenced by the world of psychology in general and organizational psychology in particular, and consequently, the visual aspect of the offices has also undergone its own transformation. The basic premise of the modern design concept is that the office’s appearance has a great impact on the satisfaction of employees, as well as customers who visit. Office design determines to a large extent whether the client will want to cooperate with the company and to use its services or will rather find another place where he might feel more “at home”.

The designer must think like a potential customer

On the basis of this assumption, the design considerations for the office, from the space dispute, through the choice of colors and materials, to the design of lighting system, the location of furniture in the room, the selection of items hanging on the walls, are made. The office designers need to understand the nature of the organization, the way it is branded and the style it is wished to broadcast, and virtually shape the firm according to the way the client thinks, in such a manner that will meet the client’s needs. Office design needs to be precise in conveying the messages and values of the business, emphasizing its uniqueness and professionalism, so that it can be etched in the memory of the customers as a place to engage with and return to.

Maintain the Welfare of Employees and Customers

A well-lit office, a fan and a pleasant atmosphere, contributes greatly to the welfare of employees and customers alike. Studies show that office design directly affects employee effectiveness, motivation, and effectiveness of offered services. It is important to realize that the office is often perceived as the employees’ second home – a place where they spend significant portion of their time. Hence, designing the right office will enable them to fulfill their full potential and their skills at work.

Designing an Ideal Office

When designing an office, we take into account several important parameters: Type of the office and its nature – Should the atmosphere in the office be comfortable and creative, or rather active and excited? Is it public or private? How many customers normally visit a day? Is there a need for a spacious waiting room? Are there long sessions going on? In addition, the current number of employees and the office’s growth potential are taken into account. Does the corporate culture require an open-space design that enables teamwork, collaborations and brainstorming, or may it be preferable to plan rooms that allow for quiet and intimate work?