SCF – Strashnov Calderon

The SCF Group provides financial advice to growing businesses. During the design phase, we alluded to the potential growth of SCF's clients through design that incorporates nature growth rather than design that reflects capital. As a result, plants and nature were introduced into the office, adding green tones and allowing the beautiful view of Yarkon Park, which is located directly beneath the office, to be seen and felt. By creating a homey atmosphere and natural tones that foster interpersonal connections, we expressed the personal and humane service provided by SCF's staff. We love the pleasant but professional outcome. [...]

Tsadok CPA | Office Design

In the world of finance, full of reports, binders, and bills, we recognized the importance of designing the Tsadok CPA firm with an emphasis on materials that exude warmth and wholesome ambiance. The offices are located on a high floor at the Hachsharat HaYishuv Tower, overlooking the urban scenery through large glass windows. We covered the floor with Microtopping and a natural hardwood floor in a fishbone formation. When planning the office’s public spaces, we chose to expose the ceiling system. The interior design in the rooms includes ceilings covered in OSB plated. We added cushioned furniture, textiles, touches [...]

Gur Insurance Group | Firm Offices Design

The offices of the Gur Insurance Group, one of Israel’s largest privately-owned insurance agencies in the field of unique insurance, spread over two floors of an office building and overlooking the urban and park scenery from the 20th and 21st floors. To design the firm’s offices, the professional, solid and calm environment was combined with a young and updated look by integrating classic coffee-tuned decking with neutral and wild carpet design, including pink-colored terrazzo-tiled islands in the coffee and cafeteria spaces, colorful graffiti, and green and orange cabinets adding an aroma of ‘fun’ to the firm’s employees. A giant [...]

Moneta Offices

The very nature of the Moneta Venture Capital Firm, which invests in developing start-up companies, dictated an office design based on areas with informal seating, such as armchairs and low-sitting systems, allowing placement of personal laptops or phones, having conversations and work meetings. The firm’s design intensifies the domestic, warm and inviting feel with intimate nooks for smaller work groups to gather, leather upholstery, wooden floors, bricks alongside bright walls with special painted effects, and lampshades that add a familial aspect to the space. The bare ceiling creates interest and a design tension between the industrialism and the emphasized [...]