The Kitchen Lab 2 (In Rehovot)

Following the success of the first food-tech hub, The Kitchen, the Strauss Group and the Innovation Authority launched a second project. This time, the new hub is located in Rehovot - The Food Tech Center of Israel. The Kitchen serves as the beating heart of the hub, buzzing with activity every lunchtime as food development teams prepare communal meals. The light colors and greens that fill the kitchen space aim to connect the technology hub to its roots and sources—nature—in order to foster creative and innovative growth. From the reception area, one can observe the work being done in [...]

Kata Group | Office Design

Kata Group is a seasoned entrepreneurship and construction firm specializing in urban renewal. When we designed the space, we had various ideas on how to maximize the workstations of this growing company. Our focus was on creating a professional and inviting atmosphere that resonates with both clients and employees. The chosen sketch featured a central entrance hall that houses key public spaces: variously sized conference rooms, a lobby showcasing the company’s projects, and a lounge area with a terrace providing panoramic views from the top floor, etc. To capture the essence of the firm and its industry, we incorporated raw materials [...]

Ramat Gan Municipality | Legal Services Department | Office Design

The office floor to the Ramat Gan Municipality legal department at Sapir Tower split from the floor hall to four entrances: the municipality's legal advisor office, the attorneys' rooms, the VIP space and the foreign relations department. The legal services sections occupies a significant area of the floor, and the its various workspaces are dedicated to the attorneys of the legal office. Our design of the office stressed the entrance to the office hall, which is accomplished through a meeting room covered with wood, black ceiling and a round meeting table in the middle. This room serves as an [...]

Arcom | Company offices design

At the heart of the offices planned for Arcom Technologies, we positioned a blue shipping container. It tells the story of the company that’s been in the field for the last 25 years. Arcom is a representative and distributor of electronics manufacturers from around the world. Since it imports memory devices, storage, power suppliers and other similar products, the container serves as the company’s designated technological space, for packing and handling products. It is separated from the rest of the office, including the management and customer service. In order to differentiate between the two areas – the operational and [...]

SunChen | Designing the Company’s Offices

We don’t take the choice to design a symmetrical and balanced space for granted. Take a minute to browse through a few of our recent projects and you will discover that in most cases, what we care about most is a lack of symmetry. We like playing with contrasts, textures, materials and colors, creating a sort of “systematic chaos” in the spaces we plan and design. From that perspective, this project is breaking the mold. We chose to change our habits and went for a symmetrical arrangement of the space, an arrangement which has a clear central axis and [...]

ClassicAir | Designing Company Offices

Famous scenes from the world of aviation are intertwined in the design of the offices at Classic Air, a company representing airlines from abroad which provides solutions for civilian aerial mobility. A metal wall that appears to be the front of an aircraft was custom-designed for this project, incorporating small windows and dynamic screens within it. The metal cover continues further down the office hallway to reveal a VIP kitchen area, visually detached from the rest of the workspace by materials and shades that create drama and polarity: black wooden cabinets wall cabinets, assorted wooden covers and terrazzo floor [...]

TargetCare | Designing Offices and Call Center

A wide and vast space which towers upwards, greets those who enter the Target-Care offices. The company’s offices are a hangar-like structure, not far from the Ashdod harbor, and are inspired by the seaside and the containers docked there for loading and unloading goods. The design walks the line between preservation and reinvention. On the one hand, keeping its ‘hangar-like’ space and high ceilings, with exposed graffiti-painted concrete walls and blue containers, hints at its proximity to the harbor. On the other hand, a modern and innovative look is portrayed by the combination of glass and black tones, ultra-modern [...]