Groman & Co Law Firm | Office Design

We are thrilled to introduce you to Groman & Co. Law Firm's brand-new office space. During our thorough planning process, we placed a strong emphasis on achieving an exquisite aesthetic by seamlessly blending warm coffee tones with sophisticated marine blue hues, creating an ambiance ideally suited for a legal workspace. We purposefully retained some rugged elements, most notably the exposed concrete surfaces, adding a unique character to the space. Now that the new metro station, located directly beneath the office tower, has recently commenced operations, it's exceptionally convenient for staff to arrive and clients to visit -so, we extend [...]

Ramat Gan Municipality | Legal Services Department | Office Design

The office floor to the Ramat Gan Municipality legal department at Sapir Tower split from the floor hall to four entrances: the municipality's legal advisor office, the attorneys' rooms, the VIP space and the foreign relations department. The legal services sections occupies a significant area of the floor, and the its various workspaces are dedicated to the attorneys of the legal office. Our design of the office stressed the entrance to the office hall, which is accomplished through a meeting room covered with wood, black ceiling and a round meeting table in the middle. This room serves as an [...]

Avta Law Firm | Law Firm Office Design

A dominant iron wall welcomes those who enter the boutique Avta Law Firm. The iron, expressing strength and stability, reflects the firm’s core values. The three-dimensional play at the power wall hints at creative thinking. The broken-down plain created by the three-dimensional effect continues up to the ceiling, with unique ceiling tiles of varying sizes. During the planning process, it was clear that the precise and restrained materials would be accompanied by a sense of open space on the building’s 39th floor. Concrete and iron, aluminum and wood have been chosen as the leading materials in designing this office. [...]

J. Shprintzak Maritime Law | Office Design

The Ayalon Highway view and the sunlight are the background to the elegant rooms of this law firm, which specializes in maritime law. The firm is located in a busy business district right in the heart of Tel Aviv. The office design maximizes the existing space and takes advantage of angled walls for tension and dynamics that fit the firm’s work domain. The ceiling and floor feature wooden elements supported by walls with partitions, creating reverberations through the woodwork of both the counter and the conference rooms. The conference room shelves showcase maritime-themed items, complemented by a vibrant dominance of [...]