A dominant iron wall welcomes those who enter the boutique Avta Law Firm. The iron, expressing strength and stability, reflects the firm’s core values. The three-dimensional play at the power wall hints at creative thinking. The broken-down plain created by the three-dimensional effect continues up to the ceiling, with unique ceiling tiles of varying sizes.

During the planning process, it was clear that the precise and restrained materials would be accompanied by a sense of open space on the building’s 39th floor. Concrete and iron, aluminum and wood have been chosen as the leading materials in designing this office. The cleanliness chosen to characterize the design also comes across in the unified color of the grey walls and hidden elements such as wall cabinets that hide passages between the various parts of the firm, a secret coffee bar near the conference room, hidden switches, and wall covers that allow storage for the lawyers’ cloaks.

Significant emphasis was placed on maximal acoustics and professional lighting. Light fixtures by Swiss company Regent are planned at set and precise intervals. A high level of acoustic isolation was achieved through a system of double-glass partitions. This system of partitions manages to create a sense of transparency between the leading and junior lawyers.

Planning and Design: Hagai Nagar Architects
Lead Designer: Katy Wolf
Photography: Oren Kan

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A Bit About Us

Our firm was established in 2000 and specializes in planning and designing offices and workspaces for companies and organizations. We provide a service from start to finish, including the planning, designing, and project managing until its conclusion. Architect Hagai Nagar, who founded the firm, has a B.Arch degree from the Tel Aviv University School of Architecture since 1999. He combines engineering-planning skills with an artistic one as both an architect and a designer.

The various projects we have led over the years were inspired by ideas and original designs developed in our firm, while connecting to what is happening in the global world of architecture and design. Our portfolio includes a long line of projects that have both a design as well as a functional view linking them together, while still looking to surprise, excite and innovate. Our professional approach combines creative design with technical excellence in engineering, while deeply familiarizing ourselves with a variety of materials and technologies. We love seeing it all take place, and lead projects to success while delving into various aspects such as ergonomics, lighting, acoustics, branding, etc.