PapayaGlobal | Corporate offices

The tech company Papaya Global moved its corporate offices from the Herzliya Hills complex to a stand-alone building in Israel's Silicon Valley, Herzliya Pituach. We are honored to have been chosen once more to embark on this project and design the company's new headquarters. The first thing that needed to be addressed was how to maintain a balance between the current style of the building - a brutalist architecture style - and the intended visual appearance created for the former offices. Our designers had to find a way to combine the old and new designs successfully without losing the [...]

Pango | Office Design

We were excited to undertake the planning Office Design for the new headquarters of Pango, a company synonymous with Israeli technological success, renowned for its car and road services. The decision to relocate to an entire floor within the BSR City project marked Pango as the inaugural major occupant of the expansive four-office-building complex. Our planning process involved a meticulous collaboration with acoustics and lighting experts, addressing the unique needs of a dynamic company with a considerable number of young employees. We aimed to create a workspace that seamlessly balanced private and public areas to enhance productivity and provide [...]


We've been asked to design the firm's offices for the third time. Doing what we enjoy and doing it well is an indication that we are on the correct track. Another project for TestPrep Company, this time at Hachsharat HaYishuv Tower (after finishing past projects in Alon Towers and BSR4 tower). The design was made exclusively for TestPrep employees. They are an experienced and knowledgeable team that develops technology academic solutions. The proposed design is an intelligent interior design meant for a clever workforce in hi-tech company. Senior Contractor: Geshem Projects FTC: Innovate Lighting: Kamchi Lighting Flooring: [...]

PapayaGlobal | Hi-tech office design

Welcome to a new and surprising world, with blurred boundaries and striking balances. The office space provides a tangible experience, allowing you to interact with the interplay of high and low, classic and pop, as well as the fusion of nostalgic and technological design. The office design not only breaks boundaries but also disassembles and reassembles, creating a whole new reality. The space features exposed concrete walls and ceilings, serving as the canvas for splashes of pop and pastel colors. The surroundings include items that draw inspiration from American cinema. At the heart of the office is a ‘landing [...]

Powtoon | Hi-Tech Office Design

Welcome to Powtoon. The Powtoon hi-tech company deals with developing an online platform for creating animated videos. The office stretches across an entire floor of the HaArba’a Towers, in central Tel Aviv. The floor comes with a huge bonus: a wide terrace facing west towards Givon Square, between HaArba’a and HaShamonayim streets. The company’s team stressed how important it was for them to feel that urban sensation as they entered the office in the morning. For that exact reason, a wide lounge welcomes those who enter the space and spreads all the way to the terrace facing the city. [...]

The Kitchen Hub | Designing a Technological Hub

The world of food is at the center of this technological start-up hub’s creation, the first of its kind in Israel, focusing on developing food technologies. Technological hubs initiated by the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, together with the Strauss Group, invest in groundbreaking projects by promoting technological innovation. A large open kitchen is located at the center of this hub’s workspace. Its location creates opportunities for vast social gatherings within the workspace and serves as potential grounds for exchanging ideas through innovative and productive work progress. A quiet room beside it invites the participants [...]

Amenity Analytics | Hi-Tech Offices Design

High up on the 14th floor of the Alon BSR Towers in Tel Aviv, the offices of Amenity Analytics are divided into open spaces separated by glass partitions or iron nets. Excluding the conference room, meeting room and video conference booths, the entire office’s design – stretching half a floor – is completely wall-free and overlooks the Ayalon Highway and the urban view of the city. Natural light from three different directions permeates the space and offers a view even from the cafeteria. The ceilings are mostly exposed, allowing a glimpse into the upper systems from which curved acoustic [...]